In 2021, the Mirpuri Foundation organized a high-level webinar that joined six internationally recognized experts to discuss “The impact of Covid-19 on Wildlife Conservation”.

The online event raised awareness on the importance of protecting wildlife, looking at the challenges posed by the global pandemic and the solutions for wildlife conservation. Illegal wildlife trade, poaching and climate change were some of the topics discussed during this approximately two-hour webinar.

The key speakers of the virtual event were: Bishan Singh Bonal (Global Tiger Forum, Project Leader, India), Robert Campbell (United for Wildlife, Programme Manager), José Dias Ferreira (Coordinator of the European Breeding Program for the Persian Leopard), Rui Bernardino (Zoo Veterinarian and Co-Vet Advisor of the Persian Leopard), Kellie Leigh (Executive Director of Science for Wildlife, Australia) and Remco van Merm (Species Conservation Grants Coordinator at IUCN Save our Species Initiative).

This webinar contributed to raise awareness on wildlife by sharing insights from prominent speakers who work to preserve wildlife on a daily basis.


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