With the Mirpuri Foundation’s support, Hi Fly signed up to be part of the United for Wildlife Transport Taskforce in 2019. Since then, as Hi Fly’s main sustainability partner, the Mirpuri Foundation is an active part of United for Wildlife, participating in its meetings and joining efforts to tackle illegal wildlife trade. 

July 2020 – United for Wildlife Online Meeting 

May 2020 – Second United for Wildlife virtual roundtable

May 2019 – First United for Wildlife Joint Taskforce Meeting


The illegal wildlife trade is estimated to be worth up to US$23 billion (£18 billion) a year.

As a member of the United for Wildlife International Transport Taskforce, Hi Fly has committed to recognising the devastating impact of the illegal wildlife trade. As such, ‘will not knowingly facilitate or tolerate the carriage of wildlife products, where trade in those products is contrary to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wildlife Fauna and Flora (CITES), and as such is illegal under both international and national laws.’

Hi Fly adopted a zero-tolerance policy on illegal wildlife trafficking in a bid to end the illegal practice. In addition, the airline committed to increase awareness of the nature, scale and consequences of the illegal wildlife trade to its passengers, customers, clients and staff.


About United for Wildlife and the Taskforces

Founded in 2014, United for Wildlife develops solutions to wildlife trafficking, such as increasing awareness, reporting and enforcement.

The Taskforces are part of the ‘United for Wildlife’ programme, which is made up of conservation organisations working together to prevent the trafficking of animals and sale of poaching products.

Since their formation and until 2019, the taskforces supported 52 investigations, helped in the arrest of 10 traffickers and assisted with more than 500,000 dollars (£384,097) in seizures. In 2018 the Financial Taskforce was brought together to share resources and intelligence to prevent illegal income being generated.