Saving nature is deep in our hearts

Wildlife Conservation needs to be a global joined effort to succeed and the Mirpuri Foundation is contributing to such efforts on a regional

basis. Each year the planet lose natural wildlife habitat areas, this being the primary threat to the survival of several species.

Mirpuri Foundation has identified some major dangers to wildlife, such as global warming, illegal hunting, pollution and deforestation. We support projects that can have a positive impact in reducing theses dangers.

Wildlife animals

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Our climate is now rapidly changing and threatening the people, animals and places we love. What we now know is activities such as burning fossil fuels like coal, oil and gas, and cutting down forests is polluting

our atmosphere and warming our planet, causing an increase in extreme weather events, sea level rise, and a warming and acidification of the oceans. Our precious wildlife and ecosystems can’t adapt fast enough.

The Iberian Lynx was on the verge of extinction

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Humans are behind many species extinction and the impact is far beyond the potential loss of iconic species such as whales, tigers and Rhinos. It

is ultimately our own survival in this beautiful blue and green planet that is at risk. And we need to act now before it becomes too late.

“Mirpuri Foundation believes that no isolated efforts can succeed and only by acting together we can change course for a better world, a world where sustainability comes before politics and profit.”

— by Paulo Mirpuri

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