In 2016, the Mirpuri Foundation sponsored the transportation of approximately 3.000 Syrian refugees to Canada, through its affiliate airline Hi Fly, also owned by the Mirpuri Family. At the time, the Government of Canada promised to resettle more than 25,000 Syrian refugees, providing them with the security and protection that they couldn’t find in their homeland.

The Mirpuri Foundation also helped a Syrian refugee family of six that, for health reasons, was forced to interrupt their journey to Canada.

The president of the Foundation, Paulo Mirpuri went to the hotel in Lisbon where the couple and their four children were staying to ensure everyone was alright and to express his complete readiness to help them on whatever necessary. Also during the visit, Paulo Mirpuri comforted the four children in the family – Thaer, aged twelve; Rama, of ten; Rimas, of four; and Rami, of two – presenting them with toys. On the previous day, the children’s mother had to leave the flight for medical reasons, when their aircraft did a technical stop at Lisbon Airport.

Mirpuri Foundation supported the expenses of the hospital and ensured full board accommodation for all members and covered all the expenses. The family resumed the journey to Canada where they seek to build a new life, far from the conflicts that have been occurring in their home country.