The Mirpuri Foundation is a Patron of the National Theatre and Dance Museum, a museum that aims to educate the public about the history and current state of the performing arts in Portugal through its collections and archives.

Donation of two 20th century paintings (2018):

Recognizing the importance of art and culture, in 2018, the Mirpuri Foundation donated two 20th century paintings to the National Theatre and Dance Museum. The chosen pieces of art belonged to Russian painters Natalia Goncharova and Mikhail Larionov.

The exhibition supported by the Mirpuri Foundation is open to the public.


Restoration of Theatrical Machinery (2019):

The Mirpuri Foundation supported the restoration of theatrical machinery inspired by Gil Vicente’s production of “Romagem dos Agravados”, currently exhibited at the National Theatre and Dance Museum.

This intervention brought life to the theatre characters, preserving an important cultural landmark.


Update on patronage (2022):


About the National Theatre and Dance Museum

Housed in an XVIII building, the Monteiro-Mor Palace in Lisbon, the museum features 250 thousand pieces that are a part of the historical and cultural heritage of the performing arts. The collection ranges from costumes and stage props to scenarios, theater molds, posters, programs, records and music scores. The museum is responsible for conserving, organizing, researching and documenting all these materials. In addition, there are also over 120 thousand photographs and a library of 35 thousand books and documents.