The Mirpuri Foundation is delighted to announce that applications are now open for the second Mirpuri Foundation Awards Gala, a cultural extravaganza designed to promote and recognise achievements in the worlds of theatre, dance and music. 

The Foundation will, once again, award a prize of €90,000 to the winners, with the prizes presented in a ceremony that brings together the creme of international culture life. The Gala will take place in the iconic São Carlos Opera House, where guests will enjoy an unparalleled night of cultural performances, while the Mirpuri Foundation honours the world’s greatest artists.  

Each prize is named after an iconic Portuguese public figure from each of the following respective cultural areas.

The total €90.000 prize (€30.000 to each award) is designed not only to honour the talents and skills of the recipients, but also to stimulate the arts scene, giving artists the financial freedom to not only to continue their work, but to inspire younger generations to follow in their footsteps.

The Awards Ceremony will take place in the Main Hall of the São Carlos Opera House, in Lisbon, on the fourth  quarter 2021. Candidates should apply until 15th May 2021.

To apply, please consult the:

The Mirpuri Foundation  attributed its first awards in 2018, in a special ceremony devoted to honoring the works and authors laureate, but also to promote a greater dissemination of its cultural enterprises and philanthropic activities (see more on the 2018 Awards here).