In 2019, the Mirpuri Foundation announced well-known Portuguese Fado singer, Cuca Roseta, as its Ambassador.

She has been taking on the mission of disseminating the Foundation’s sustainability message through her extraordinary voice.

Cuca Roseta is presently one of the most acclaimed Fado singers. She began singing Fado at the age of 18, at a Fado house, and quickly distinguished herself, and gained notoriety for her voice and overall talent.

It isn’t hard to understand Cuca Roseta’s talent. Listening to the Fado singer’s voice is to experience the strongest emotions and traditions of the Fado and feel them reach beyond it.

Cuca Roseta’s voice has taken her to over 40 countries scattered to the four corners of the world, as well as to some of the most prestigious national stages. The Fado singer has performed in countless countries, among them most of Europe, Brazil, India, China, the United States, Israel, Georgia, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, Angola, Morocco, Mozambique, Chile, and Ecuador, amongst others.

Presently, Cuca Roseta is one of the most renowned international Fado singers, more and more of an artistic phenomenon, and one of the biggest and most recognized Fado performers.