Support for the Arts and Cultural Development

Different artistic expressions define man himself and his evolution. Art, the universal language of individual expression has been the engine for innovation and human creativity over the centuries allowing for different ways of seeing, doing, understanding, feeling and appreciating

the world. It is a privileged means of expression and communication capable of overcoming differences and cultural, racial, gender barriers and other prejudices and as such, of enormous importance for the promotion of the dignity and freedom of the human being.

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this program

By supporting these initiatives, the Mirpuri Foundation hopes to promote equal rights and opportunities for education, creativity

and the discovery of new talents, with special emphasis on development in the areas of Dance, Theater, Music and Literature.

“Mirpuri Foundation believes that no isolated efforts can succeed and only by acting together we can change course for a better world, a world where sustainability comes before politics and profit.”

— by Paulo Mirpuri

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