While studying the harmful effects of plastic on human health, Dr. Ivone Mirpuri and Dr. Luíza Mirpuri, Mirpuri Foundation’s Medical Advisors, warn that if nothing is changed today, the human race may become extinct in 200 years.

After in-depth research, the specialists proved that the chemical contaminants released by plastic act as endocrine disruptors and interfere with the human body’s proper hormonal functioning. Since hormones control functions such as blood pressure, heartbeat, our state of humor and even fertility, an imbalance at a hormonal level triggers developmental abnormalities and instability in human health. Reduced fertility, increasingly growing levels of cancer, an increment in the number of heart attacks, premature puberty and high obesity rates, and respiratory problems and diabetes are merely some of the diseases proven to be related to a high exposure to plastic, which starts the moment a fetus starts to grow in its mother’s womb.

The Medical Advisors frequently share their knowledge and raise awareness of this issue, participating in conferences and events.

January 2021 – Bluewater Podcast

December 2020 – CTT Webinar

December 2019 – School Workshop

October 2019 – Human Biomonitoring Workshop

June 2019 – School Workshop

January 2019 – School Workshop

October 2018 – Consumer Goods Forum Sustainable Retail Summit

June 2018 – Sky News Documentary

June 2018 – Ocean Talks Conference

May 2018 – Human Biomonitoring Workshop

April 2018 – Waterlogic International Conference

December 2017 – Volvo Ocean Race Ocean Summit

Some of the Foundation’s initiatives are also thought to promote a healthy lifestyle without the harmful chemicals in plastics, inspiring people to alter their behaviours and become themselves agents of change.

Drinking water station installation (2021):

As part of a joint initiative between the Mirpuri Foundation and Bluewater, a drinking water station was installed at the Mirpuri Foundation Sailing Academy (Clube Naval de Cascais), in a first-ever move for sailing schools around the world.

This joint initiative was designed to promote health, raise awareness of the importance of drinking water free of chemical pollutants, and drive the pressing need to discard single-use plastic bottles. Bluewater hydration stations help to deliver fresh and safe water by removing up to 99% of impurities from water, including microplastics, that affect human health.

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Graphic Campaign – Tips to live with less plastic (2018):

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