Mirpuri Foundation supports several medical education and research programs including anti-aging research aimed at improving the life quality in older members of the world’s population. 

Dr. Ivone Mirpuri is specialized in Clinical Pathology, with a further specialization in Anti-Aging Medicine at Hertoghe Medical School, concluded in Brussels in 2010. Additional training was done at Cenegenics, a Las Vegas based worldwide recognized prestigious Institution.

Today, Dr. Ivone Mirpuri spends 100% of her professional time on Anti-Aging Medicine and Hormonal Therapies. Member of the World Society of Anti-Aging Medicine and of the International Hormone Society. Board Member of Portuguese Association of Clinical Pathology and President of GEMAE.

Anti-Aging Medicine is preventive and aims to improve the quality of life, delaying the natural aging process thru correct nutrition, physical exercise, supplements (food and hormonal) and improvement of the life style for the better.