The Mirpuri Foundation, in collaboration with Minho University, developed “The Good Bottle”, an innovative package material that is  biodegradable and compostable and was developed for the welfare of humanity.

This new material, presented in July 2021, in the shape of a mineral water bottle, in partnership with Sociedade da Água de Monchique, an industrial partner, promises to make way for a profound transformation in the global industry. A historic milestone in combating plastic in order to protect not only what is inside the bottle, but to also preserve the life of everything and everyone on the outside.

“The Good Bottle” is a Mirpuri Foundation  initiative in collaboration with Minho University and Sociedade da Água de Monchique, S.A.; Historic milestone in combating single-use plastic which pretends to revolutionize the industry; Good for human health and the environment; Material 100% created in Portugal, which promises to be an example for the whole world; The Mirpuri Foundation started a protocol with Minho University in 2018 with the aim of together building a research and development program that will create an alternative to alter the way plastic packaging is mass-produced. A competitive biodegradable option good to health and the environment .

Through Foundation investment, the team of scientists elaborated a prototype which will  revolutionize the consumer goods industry:  biodegradable and compostable packaging will substitute the disposable and long-term decomposition options currently available on shelves. Thus emerges “The Good Bottle”, an innovative material created in Portugal, which promises to be an example for the whole world.

 The Sociedade da Água de Monchique is responsible for contributing to the industrial solution with this innovative material in a product that can be made available to the mass market.

Presented for the first time in the form of a mineral water bottle, in partnership with Sociedade da Água de Monchique, the cap is also produced from the same composition, therefore relying on the same biodegradable characteristics.

The ”Good Bottle” offers many advantages for Ocean conservation. Amongst them we would like to highlight that the scope of the project included a study to evaluate the material’s grave toxicity in a marine environment using Zebrafish, which rendered excellent results in comparison with those registered using conventional polymers.

“This is a pioneering and innovative initiative, which hopes to spearhead the necessary change by inspiring the most diverse sectors and offering consumers responsible choices, which do not threaten the survival of future generations” – Paulo Mirpuri, President of the Mirpuri Foundation.

After the presentation of the prototype in 2021, Mirpuri Foundation entered in partnership with SIPA/Italy for the industrial research. Good Bottle biopolymer is now prepared to be used in any bottling industry either by extrusion or injection molde. Starting with mineral water, the biopolymer may also be used for other purposes.