The Mirpuri Foundation  Sailing Academy, in Cascais, alert youths to the problems facing our oceans, and consequently, make them more sensitive towards promoting its sustainability.

The Mirpuri Foundation believes sailing is a sport that brings young people and the sea closer together, thus making them more sensible towards the problems the oceans are facing and mobilising them to participate in their resolution.

The Foundation has developed several initiatives to benefit this sport and is very pleased to sponsor the Cascais Naval Club’s Sailing School, to whom the foundation recognizes and attributes merit for much of what has been done in Portugal in the area of sailing.

Projects in the area of ​​Marine Conservation have reached a certain prominence and are particularly cherished by the Mirpuri Foundation, which has been working to raise awareness towards the serious problems facing our oceans, such as pollution, acidification, rising temperatures, rapid destruction of corals, bad fishing practices and the risk of extinction for several marine species.