With the promotion of marine conservation as one of the founding principles of the Mirpuri Foundation, the creation of a high-profile ocean racing team is seen as an imaginative and effective means of assisting the Foundation to carry its central message on the real perils currently facing our oceans and sea life to the four corners of the earth. 

The spectacular success of the first two international ocean sustainability campaigns, the Atlantic Crossing “Save the Ocean” and the Volvo Ocean Race “Turn The Tide on Plastic” campaigns paved the way for the creation of the Mirpuri Foundation Racing Team. 

The creation of a professional sailing team is seen as a means of attracting significant international publicity for the campaign to keep our oceans, and their wellbeing, at the forefront of public consciousness. 

The Mirpuri Foundation Racing Team has been carrying the Foundation’s messages on marine conservation around the world. Hopefully, all the way to the winner’s podium.

Mirpuri Foundation Racing Team’s website


Entries with “Racing for the Planet” message and boat:

July 2022 – Mirpuri Foundation Sailing Trophy 2022

August 2021 – Cascais Vela 

June 2021 – Mirpuri Foundation Sailing Trophy 2021

May-June 2021 – The Ocean Race Europe

October 2020 – Cascais Vela

July 2020 – Mirpuri Foundation Sailing Trophy 2020