The Mirpuri Foundation supported Hi Fly airline’s campaign “Flying the change” launched on the occasion of the World Oceans Day 2019.

The picture-led campaign was created by Hi Fly staff to raise awareness of the need for ocean conservation in an action-packed, creative and fun way, after crew members were photographed enjoying a variety of water sports in a bid to highlight the damage single-use plastics are doing to our planet.

The campaign, designed to highlight the beauty of our oceans and remind people how important they are to the future of all life, involves Hi Fly crew members posing in a series of photographs enjoying a variety of water sports and simply having fun in the oceans.

Using the hashtag #FlyingTheChange, members of Hi Fly staff and the general public were asked to join the fun by sharing information on their own eco-initiatives and ocean pictures online.

Hi Fly also used the images as screensavers on office computers and TV’s at its headquarters in Lisbon. 

Hi Fly has a long and respected track record of supporting conservation initiatives, always hand in hand with its principal sustainability partner, the Mirpuri Foundation.