The Turn the Tide on Plastic boat, with Mirpuri Foundation as founding partner, started Leg 10 as a high-pressure system brought bright sunny skies and warm weather but very little breeze to Cardiff on Sunday afternoon.

With nearly no wind at the scheduled 1500 UTC start time, the Race Committee pushed a short postponement to allow the tide to turn, so the strong tidal flow would assist in pushing the fleet out to sea.

The inshore portion of the race start was also cancelled in an effort to get the fleet out of the Bristol Channel before the tide turned again on Sunday evening and the boats would have to fight the current to clear the channel.

Leg 10 is a 1,300 nautical mile sprint  from Cardiff to Gothenburg, Sweden.

Despite the light winds during Sunday’s start, the pace is expected to pick up and the ETA into Gothenburg is Thursday night and into Friday.

Watch the leg start in 65 seconds:


Sailors parade and Dock out:

Photo credit: Jesus Renedo / VOR