The team with founding partner Mirpuri Foundation and portuguese sailor Bernardo Freitas onboard is halfway between Newport, US and Cardiff, Wales, during leg 9 of the iconic Volvo Ocean Race.

News from the boat Skipper Dee Caffari:

“Not as cold as predicted, not as wet as suggested, but definitely fast, windy sailing. We found our mojo and have been matching or fairing slightly better than our neighbours here in the north. The warm front came with an acceleration and the sea state was flat and the sailing was fast. 

The cold Labrador current was not as cold as it first suggested and the peak gusts were exactly as predicted in the warm front accompanied by lots of rain. Now we need to hang in there with this front to make as many miles in this strong breeze as possible. We should stay on this train until Saturday when a high pressure ridge stops us all in our tracks. 

The gang in the south are doing better than us as they have been sailing a faster angle for longer, but we now have that lift so we are hoping our boat speeds will start to match them as we all converge. That was the biggest split we have seen in the fleet the entire race so far and it happened so early on in this leg. Looking ahead we have a difficult approach and finish into Cardiff, so yet again we could see another lottery finish!

The boat is happy and the sailors are happy to enjoy this fast ride while we have the conditions for it. Making it count while we have wind as they are aware that after Saturday lunchtime the pace will slow considerably and life on board will go to another extreme.”

Dee and Team TTTOP

Photo Credits: Martin Keruzore/Volvo Ocean Race