The Mirpuri Foundation continues the fight to reduce ocean pollution and took part in the technical-scientific seminar entitled “The Future of Oceans: Combating Ocean Pollution” underway in Itajaí, Brazil during the international Volvo Ocean Race regatta, where this year’s 2017/2018 edition has been touting the “caring for our oceans” motto. 

The Mirpuri Foundation is the founding partner behind the Turn the Tide on Plastic team, whose aim it is to spread the message of combating ocean plastic pollution across our planet.  

During the event, Sílvia Mirpuri reinforced the viewpoint long defended by the foundation: that oceans have reached their limits and that now is the time to do something to reverse that.

Organized by the Itajaí Foundation for the Environment (FAMAI), Itajaí Municipality, Santa Catarina Federal University (UFSC) and with the support of the UN, the event brought together prominent citizens such as the Chief Prosecutor from the Santa Catarina Federal Public Ministry (MPF/SC), Darlan Airton Dias, UN representative for the Environment, Fernanda Daltro, Professor from Aveiro University in Portugal, Armando da Costa Duarte, the Ministry of the Environment’s Coordinator for Coastal Management, and Régis Pinto Lima, amongst others.