The Mirpuri Foundation and the Cascais Naval Club honored Portuguese sailors Bernardo Freitas and Frederico Melo for their roles in the Volvo Ocean Race’s 2017-2018 edition.

Following the presentation of an inspiring video summing up a year of challenges and achievements, the Foundation’s President, Paulo Mirpuri, delivered a memorable speech congratulating the athletes for their performance, commitment and results. After that, Mr. Mipuri handed them a plaque of honor that will forever perpetuate the work carried out during the competition.

The tribute took place at a cocktail event celebrating the opening of Cascais RC44, a competition organized by the Cascais Naval Club in conjunction with the Town Hall and Cascais Marina.

Bernardo Freitas and Frederico Melo competed in the Volvo Ocean Race as part of the “Turn the Tide on Plastic” team. The Mirpuri Foundation was the race’s main sustainability partner, as well as the boat and racing team’s founding partner. As a result of the Foundation’s support, this was the first time that a vessel flew the Portuguese flag in the competition. In addition, team “Turn the Tide on Plastic” was comprised of a young group boasting a crew comprised of as many males as females – a 50:50 ratio to be more exact, which sent out not only a strong message of sustainability but also of gender equality helping to bring us one step closer to a better world, an achievement worth acknowledging and celebrating.