The Volvo Ocean Race 2017-18 has come to an end but Hi Fly’s Airbus A330, painted under the same livery as the Mirpuri Foundation “Turn the Tide on Plastic” boat, is still soaring around the globe and raising ocean awareness in all four corners of the world.

Completing its 10th month carrying the pertinent message proudly displayed on its fuselage, the aircraft has already been to all five continents flying for different company clients, operating more than 400 flights and landing in close to 40 different destinations.

The countries where the “Turn the Tide on Plastic” aircraft has landed include European destinations in the UK, Belgium, Portugal, Spain, Germany, Italy, Bulgaria and Turkey, African countries such as Tunisia, Morocco, Nigeria, Guinee, the Congo, Senegal and Mauritius, as well as some of the world’s most paradisiac destinations such as Reunion Island, the Dominican Republic, French Polynesia, Cuba and Jamaica. The largest nations on the American continent: the USA, Canada and Brazil, as well as other countries in the Americas such as Panama and Guyana have also already received Hi Fly’s themed Airbus A330. In Asia, the “Turn the Tide on Plastic” aircraft have been to India, China, Thailand, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, the world’s largest country, Russia, and the middle eastern nations of Jordan and Saudi Arabia. Last but not least, one of the regions where the aircraft spent the most time in was the Australian continent, where it flew between Australia and New Zealand operating for Air New Zealand – the country’s flagship carrier.

Hi Fly joined the project in cooperation with Mirpuri Foundation, the founding partner of “Turn the Tide on Plastic” boat, and AkzoNobel, that provided the coating to personalize the aircraft. The Airbus A330-200 is painted on both sides, matching the “Turn the Tide on Plastic” boat – one dark blue “polluted” side and another light blue “clean” one.

With this initiative, Mirpuri Foundation is raising awareness for this unprecedented campaign to eliminate marine litter and plastic in particular, supporting the United Nations Environment’s “Clean Seas” campaign. If no action is taken, there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean by 2050.

This is not a stand-alone initiative. Mirpuri Foundation has just launched a “Save the Coral Reefs” campaign, and painted an Hi Fly Airbus A380 in a coral themed livery, alerting the public to the critical state of the world’s coral reefs.


Photo Credits:

01.jpg| Marco Catarino – Alicante – October 2017
02.jpg| Duarte Gomes – Lisbon – October 2017
03.jpg| Royal Air Force – India – November 2017
04.jpg| Leonardo Sanchez – New York- December 2017
05.jpg| Jonathan Rankin – Auckland- December 2017
06.jpg| Dylan Thomas – Perth – January 2018
07.jpg| Stefan Syoon – Brussels – February 2018
08.jpg| Ikhwan Hidayat – Bangkok – April 2018
09.jpg| Alex Fiorani – Montreal – June 2018
10.jpg| Nicolas Dijoux – Reunion Island- June 2018
11.jpg| Turkay Oksuz – Istambul – July 2018