TTTOP is new leader on Leg 6 as the boat steps forward in the Doldrums

“We wake to more good news today,” Skipper Dee Caffari wrote. “Our nighttime light wind sailing seems to be coming on a treat and we are continuing to make gains on the whole fleet.”That not only brings a smile to sleepy crew members being woken to come on deck for their watch but also a more gritted determination from everyone to try and maintain this hard work all the way to Auckland, just 1500 miles away.”

Spirits on board are so high that on board reporter James Blake flew the drone down the main companionway hatch, through the boat, and out a forward hatch. Keep scrolling below to watch the footage. Conditions haven’t really changed since yesterday. Winds remain very light, variable and it’s hot, making for uncomfortable living conditions. The occasional torrential downpour adds variety.

The crew were happy to have fresh water showers and are determined to stay ahead of the fleet. After a painful day of light winds, they hope to enter some stronger conditions this evening.

Photo credit: James Blake / VOR