Mirpuri Foundation boat is now sitting on the main roundabout in Alicante, Spain, and matching the actual boat participating in the race’s 2017-18 edition.

This action represents the presence of Volvo Ocean Race in the city of Alicante, and is now fully branded as the Mirpuri Foundation “Turn the Tide on Plastic” boat, amplifying the United Nations Environment Clean Seas Campaign on the issue of ocean health.

The boat, which was before named The Black Pearl, was sponsored by the Walt Disney Company and finished second in the VOR 2005-06 edition. After that it stayed at the Race’s museum as a landmark that attracted thousands of visitors and, five years later, the so-called Pirates of the Caribbean was moved to the main roundabout in Alicante, one of the most prominent areas of the city.

With this rebranding Mirpuri Foundation and the Volvo Ocean Race expect to engage more visitors and raise even more awareness on ocean pollution and the single use of plastic.