Paulo Mirpuri, Founder of Mirpuri Foundation and Dee Caffari, Skipper of the “Turn the tide on Plastic” team for the upcoming 2017/2018 edition of Volvo Ocean Race.

Highlights of Paulo Mirpuri speech at the Stakeholder Conference:

Half of the oxygen we breath and half of the food we eat is generated by our Ocean- WE NEDD OCEANS TO KEEP US ALIVE. This alone should be a very good reason for all of us to be concerned about what is happening to our Oceans.

Our Ocean is dying- pollution, sea temperature rise, acidification, are all happening at increasing and unprecedented levels. A growing number of marine ecosystems are collapsing. Coral Reefs, for instance, have decreased by half in the last 30 years and, if we do not revert the current situation, will disappear altogether by 2050 .

We need to act now before it is too late.

We are honored to be a key sponsor of “Turn the Tide “ and support Volvo Ocean Race Ocean health and sustainability initiatives.

We are extremely proud to have Dee Caffari as the skipper of “Turn the Tide”. Dee Caffari shares our vision and she is a very experience sailor with an excellent track record. I’m confident Dee will do a great job.

We are also proud that the team will include Portuguese sailors amongst the international team, who for sure will honor Portugal rich maritime history and tradition.

Let’s change course now!

Let’s turn the Tide

Let’s save the Ocean


Let the future generations enjoy it!”

Thank you!

Paulo Mirpuri