The Mirpuri Foundation Racing Team was invited by The Ocean Race to participate in three special workshops about climate change and its connection to the ocean.

The sustainability workshops were given by expert trainers and had two main goals: help the participants understand climate change as a global threat and its impact on the ocean, and provide tools for a better communication about this issue, leveraging the sailing teams’ potential to inspire and captivate fans and partners.

The first session, held on 14th April, aimed to educate on climate change, explaining its fundamentals and its connection to the ocean. How to use sport as a channel for climate action was another topic covered on this workshop.

The second session took place on 16th April and focused on media and communications, helping the sailors to become more confident when speaking about sustainability, especially when confronted with media interviews.

The last session, this past Tuesday, dived into how to commercialize sustainability work, helping the teams to grow their appeal to partners who are looking to make an investment in sustainable and purpose driven brands.

The first and last workshops were led by Jeremy Mathieu (Sustainability Advisor for the BBC) and the second was run by Richard Black (Senior Associate of the Energy & Climate Intelligence Unit).

The Mirpuri Foundation Racing Team is owned by the Mirpuri Foundation and was created to help promote and carry the Foundation’s messages about the real perils that are facing our oceans and sea life.

Supporting the most recent Mirpuri Foundation’s campaign, the Mirpuri Foundation Racing Team will be “Racing for the Planet” on The Ocean Race Europe, starting in late spring, raising awareness and driving action on climate change.

Attending these workshops helped to increase the team members’ commitment to the message they will be carrying all around Europe, also preparing them to confidently speak up and fight climate change.