Since the early morning, a new war has begun – find the best wind that will push us until Cape Finisterre. For that, we have to gybe at the right place, at the right moment. 

The crew are constantly looking to our friends around us to see what they are doing. For the moment, we have decided to gybe first and take the advantage to be ahead of the VO65 fleet. Since then, they have been following us, but we must not forget our other friends in the Imocas who are quite fast in these light downwind conditions.

Everyone on deck for the gybe, even the people who just came off watch and found asleep. We need everybody and a lot of power to gybe this big kite. All the weights on board will be stacked on this – other tack, sails, food, personal gear – no exceptions.

When it’s done, it’s time for the driver (usually our skipper Yoann) to start the countdown for that maneuver. “Gybing in 5-4-3-2-1, Gybing now” The six sailors on the pedestals are giving everything they have to get the kite across. The winches are full on to trim – more than 40 meters of sheets to get the kite well-trimmed at the end of the gybe. When the big sail is well-trimmed and all the boat is back to a full racing mode, four of the crew can get back down below and back to their sweet dreams before the next gybe. 

Tonight we should approach the Spanish coast and the wind will increase to more than 25 knots of breeze around Cape Finisterre.