It’s another life onboard since we hit the cold front yesterday evening. 

We are sailing with no more than 20-25 knots and the boat is now in a submarine mode, going at 21 knots on average, with a lot of water on deck. 

The postcard from the recent days has changed. Heavy wet weather gear and life jackets are on for the crew on deck, while down below, humidity is everywhere and the simple act of getting into your bunk becomes another extreme activity as you try to avoid getting your socks in the water. 

Unfortunately, we are faster than the front and we should hit it in the evening, and be stopped in our sprint, with less wind. There is always a risk we will see our opponent coming back from behind with more pressure than us. 

There is still a long race to go to the finish line in Cascais, but we are motivated by the thought of getting some good Pastéis de Nata tomorrow!