On deck, everyone is looking for signs on the surface of the sea, a little gust that can fill our sails and push us, metre after metre, away from this windless area. 

Since this morning, we have been stuck in the middle of a ridge with no wind. Unfortunately, we can now see two of our opponents again in our gentle wake – the blue and violet boat of AkzoNobel and the scarlet boat of Sailing Poland.

This ridge stops us like a big wall in the Atlantic, halfway to our waypoint. Onboard, we are quiet and focussed, sailing our own boat is the priority. 

Every minute the wind speed is different. It’s getting lighter and lighter as we move the stack and sails forwards to put the bow down and reduce the drag.

Driving the boat in these conditions is like driving on the ice – every wheel movement is important to avoid slowing down the boat.