After more than a year of training and planning, we are heading to the start line of The Ocean Race Europe here in Lorient. Everyone onboard is happy to see other boats around us – our opponents for the weeks of racing ahead. It’s time to put work we have been doing for months to the test, and it’s time to play! 

Onboard, faces are concentrated. Everybody is focussed on what they have to do. Each manoeuvre has been practiced many times during the training sessions, in order to be executed perfectly today.  

The wind has been really light since the start of the race and really shifty. Each move is important and trimming the sail and finding the best balance onboard is the absolutely key. 

We are heading southwest and on the horizon are many familiar colors. The red boat, the blue boat…. It’s so nice to compete against each other after many months away from competition. Today we are happy to be here, with great support since the very beginning from the shore side. 

At the Chart table, Yoann and Nico are plotting the best way to reach Cape Finisterre. The night will be tricky but luckily the moon will be here to show us the best route to follow.