A look back to The Ocean Race Leg One from Alicante to Cape Verde, one of the most challenging legs ever sailed on a VO65, where the Mirpuri Foundation supported team was Racing for the Planet, with an underlying sustainability message.

Leg One of The Ocean Race from Alicante in Spain to the city of Mindelo in Cabo Verde was a one thousand-nine hundred nautical mile emotional challenge for all the sailors in the fleet.

Five foiling Imocas and six V065 ocean racing yachts left Alicante in the Mediterranean on Sunday, January 15, and were almost immediately met by boat-breaking conditions.

The first two brutal days of racing were spent fighting a strong westerly headwind which pushed the sailors to their limits. The frequent short and steep waves of the Mediterranean constantly pounded the boat, making living onboard difficult and rest extremely hard to come by. 

The final two legs of The Ocean Race VO65 Sprint Cup will be played out in June and July later this year and will see the VO65 fleet back on the race course for Leg 6 and 7 of The Ocean Race.

Check the team website at: www.mirpuriracingteam.com 

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