The Mirpuri Foundation sponsored the I Portuguese Symposium on Anti-Aging Medicine, organized by GEMAE – Anti-Aging Medicine Study Group. The event took place during the weekend of November 25-27 at the Altis Grand Hotel, in Lisbon.

During the 3 days’s course, the best professionals from a wide range of medical specialties were gathered with the aim of discussing the potential benefits of Anti-Aging Medicine as well as the importance of the five pillars on which it stands: Nutrition, Exercise, Food Supplements, Hormonal Modulation and Healthy Lifestyles.

The organization of this event was headed by Ivone Mirpuri, M.D., Founder and President of GEMAE (, and Clinical Director at Lisbon Clinica Médica Dra Ivone Mirpuri. After having practiced medicine as a clinical pathologist for nearly two decades, Ivone Mirpuri completed The Anti-Aging Medicine Specialization (AAMS) at Dr. Hertoghe Medical School in Brussels and the Physician Training & Certification in Age Management Medicine at Cenegenics in Las Vegas. She also became a member of the World Society of Anti-Aging Medicine and the International Hormone Society. The symposium resulted from her research and medical practice, since 2010 exclusively dedicated to Anti-Aging Medicine/Hormonal Modulation: “Times have changed, science has evolved and thus medical thinking has to change as well. This Symposium is intended to be an alert to the medical profession in the sense that it should rethink the way it faces some aspects of clinical practice. It’s up to doctors of all specialties to widen their vision and conceive a form of medical practice in which hormones will undoubtedly make a difference in regards to providing ways to live better and healthier”, Ivone Mirpuri stated.

Mirpuri Foundation supports GEMAE – Anti-Aging Medicine Study Group as part of its commitment to sponsor relevant projects of medical research which can deliver valuable contributions to increase the well-being of individuals.