With the mission of raising awareness on ocean conservation, the Mirpuri Foundation led another sustainability workshop directed to young sailors at the Mirpuri Foundation Sailing Academy at the Clube Naval de Cascais.

As part of the Academy’s Autumn Sailing Course program, this session aimed to educate on some of the major issues faced by the Ocean and also on day-to-day solutions to help protect it. Interactive, with activities and games, the workshop focused on plastic pollution, climate change and what we can do to make a positive change. Young sailors had the opportunity to see sustainable products and alternatives to plastic.

The Foundation believes that we need to educate our sailors, the future generation, so that they are mindful of the decisions they make and lead a sustainable life. Hopefully, they will also educate their friends and family in the process.

The Mirpuri Foundation Sailing Academy

The Mirpuri Foundation Sailing Academy, the biggest one in Portugal, is located at the Yacht Club Clube Naval de Cascais and inspires young sailors to become plastic free, teaching them not only how to sail but also how to protect our planet. Hosting a water station, a Seabin (a floating trashbin that remove microplastics out of the water) and sustainability workshops, the Foundation seeks to raise a more conscious generation of sailors.

The Mirpuri Foundation Sailing Academy is single-use plastic free, and is also the home of a Seabin (a floating trash bin that removes debris out of the ocean), and a Bluewater station (a hydration station that removes up to 99% of contaminants from water, including microplastics, to provide fresh and safe water).