The Mirpuri Foundation participated in the World Ocean Summit Insight Hour, an event that took place this week and focused on the topic “The post-coronavirus ocean economy:  where do we go from here?”

The webinar counted with top-level speakers, such as Peter Thomson, UNSG’s Special envoy for the Ocean, Karin Kemper, World Bank Global director, environment, natural resources and blue economy,  Lars Robert Pedersen, Deputy secretary-general of BIMCO, and Martin Koehring, Head of the World Ocean Initiative.

The pandemic has disrupted ocean industries such as shipping, fisheries and tourism, with profound effects on the world. 10 percent of the world’s population depends on ocean fisheries. Tourism has stopped. The priority shift towards healthcare, although essential, slowed sustainable ocean projects. Now, the European Commission is pushing towards a renewed sustainable finance strategy – but will that happen?

The event discussed the virus’ impacts on ocean economy, and the actions to be taken in the post-pandemic period, opting for a green-blue recovery transition, in order to have a more resilient planet. Blue tourism, sustainable aquaculture, offshore renewables, and the ocean as a solution to climate change were some of the topics covered during the webinar.

The audience was able to react to online polls and most of it believed that the coronavirus pandemic will have a severe impact on the sustainable ocean economy. Also, it agreed that offshore renewables are the ocean-based industry to benefit the most from post-pandemic recovery.

Single-use plastics and waste management systems were also mentioned at the event – as this return to single-use plastics and its impact on the oceans makes it important for governments to come up with better ideas on how to manage and how to recycle, so that the world doesn’t go back to “business as usual”.

By joining the World Ocean Summit Insight Hour, the Mirpuri Foundation was part of a global gathering of more than 1000 attendees, representing organizations, governments, business, and finance all over the world, in a unique collaborative platform seeking the protection of ocean economy in the post-coronavirus.