The eleventh annual World Ocean Summit has returned to Lisbon from March 11 to 13, and the Mirpuri Foundation once again marks its presence at the gathering.

The summit aims to shift the narrative from conversation to action in addressing our oceans’ pressing challenges. This year, a significant emphasis is placed on tangible solutions through a series of “How to” workshops, offering practical insights and strategies for individuals and organizations committed to restoring ocean health.

The 2024 agenda is set to delve into critical topics such as ocean health, industry strategies for a sustainable ocean economy, and innovative ocean-climate solutions. With over 180 expert speakers and participants spanning diverse sectors, including business, finance, government, civil society, and academia, the summit promises to convene the broadest cross-section of the ocean community and instigate action to develop a sustainable ocean economy.

This event provides the perfect platform to inspire new partnerships, solutions, and strategies that will help us meet the 2030 targets in UN Sustainable Development Goal 14. It is designed to change the way business is done in the ocean.

As the world collectively strives to address the urgent challenges facing our oceans, the Mirpuri Foundation’s presence at the summit exemplifies a proactive and collaborative approach toward building a sustainable future for our planet’s most precious resource. Through strategic partnerships and innovative initiatives, the Foundation continues to lead by example in driving positive change on a global scale.