The Mirpuri Foundation joined a webinar focused on the harmful effects of plastic on human health.

The online event organized by CTT, Portuguese Postal Services, aimed to raise awareness and educate the employees of this company on the impact of microplastics on our bodies.

Entitled “The Effects of Plastic on the Environment and in Health”, the webinar counted on Dr. Luíza Mirpuri, Mirpuri Foundation’s Medical Advisor, as key speaker. During the session, Dr. Luíza went through the subject in detail, explaining the problems caused by plastic to both human health and the planet’s wellbeing. After the presentation, there was time for a Q&A with CTT’s employees.

The fact that the webinar took place on Wildlife Conservation Day gave a deeper meaning to the message conveyed by Dr. Luíza Mirpuri. Plastic waste pollutes the air, the water and the soil, and this material is flowing into the natural environment at an extraordinary pace, threatening all planet’s ecosystems. Microplastics emerge when plastic begins to break down into particles that are smaller than five millimeters. They lead to diseases like cancer, asthma, infertility and obesity.

Dr. Luíza Mirpuri is a world authority on microplastics and has expertise in chemicals and human health. At the Mirpuri Foundation, she is responsible for promoting scientific research on plastics and its effects on human health.

CTT has a history of almost 500 years and is one of the major companies in Portugal. The company is committed to sustainability and has achieved very positive results in this domain. Since 2008, for instance, CTT has decreased its carbon emissions by 68%. This commitment to sustainability is recognized internationally, being considered one of the most sustainable postal operators in several international rankings.