The highly anticipated debut of The Rocket Man Experience by Tom’s Elton Tribute took place in Estoril, Portugal. Amidst the captivating performances paying homage to Elton John, the event embraced a meaningful gesture towards fostering arts and culture in Portugal.

Tom Cridland, a London businessman of Portuguese descent and protagonist of the renowned Elton John tribute band, expressed his gratitude to the arts community by donating a percentage of the ticket sales to the Mirpuri Foundation. Among several non-profit organizations, Cridland highlighted the significant role played by the Mirpuri Foundation in advancing the performing arts landscape.

The contribution, earmarked for the Mirpuri Foundation’s Performing Arts Program, is intended to support and expand the creative efforts of aspiring artists and performers. The Mirpuri Foundation extends its heartfelt appreciation to Tom Cridland and his band for this generous contribution. 

The Foundation acknowledges the significance of this donation in furthering its mission to promote and elevate the performing arts, recognizing the invaluable support in nurturing artistic talent within Portugal.