The Ocean Race Innovation Workshop took place this week, with the Mirpuri Foundation as one of its key participants.

The race online initiative focused on communicating ocean science with impact, and gathered experts from media, business, sailing world and others, developing calls to action for ocean science.

After the opening session, participants were divided into small breakout groups, covering topics as the lifecycle of data, ocean and space, climate, marine protected areas, and ocean plastics.

The Mirpuri Foundation joined breakout group 3, on Ocean and climate, and discussed how data visualization can help us when telling a meaningful and tangible story.

Facilitated by The Visual Agency, the workshop also counted on the virtual presence of representatives from BBC Sport, IUCN, Sky Sports, Two Oceans Aquarium Foundation, Playmob, Max Planck Institute for Meteorology, Metcalf InstituteGreenSportsBlog & EcoAthletes, Alfred Wegener Institute Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research, and The Ocean Race Sustainability Programme.

Acting as a catalyst for ocean protection, this innovative approach to gather a mix of specialists aims to lead ocean science and data, exploring ways of reaching a global audience.

Sailing provides an extraordinary opportunity for data collection from the ocean, and for communication of ocean health issues. As a collaborative effort, the outcomes of science through sport will be very useful in the UN Decade of Ocean Science 2021-30.

The Mirpuri Foundation, through the Mirpuri Foundation Racing Team and its “Racing for the Planet” boat, will be competing for the planet and raising awareness of climate change in the next edition of The Ocean Race.