In a joint partnership with Bluewater, the Mirpuri Foundation is happy to announce that, since it was installed at the Mirpuri Foundation Sailing Academy (Clube Naval de Cascais) in April 2021, the drinking water station provided 5000 liters of fresh pure water, the equivalent to more than 15000 plastic water bottles.

These numbers represent a great achievement as they align with the Mirpuri Foundation’s goal to reduce plastic pollution and consumption, for the sake of the planet and our health. Tackling plastic pollution has been at the forefront of the Mirpuri Foundation, as part of its Marine Conservation and Medical Research Programs. The Foundation has consistently raised awareness of marine litter and the harmful effects of plastic on human health, and the Mirpuri Foundation Sailing Academy is single-use plastic free.

This joint initiative was designed to promote health, raise awareness of the importance of drinking water free of chemical pollutants, and drive the pressing need to discard single-use plastic bottles. Bluewater hydration stations help to deliver fresh and safe water by removing up to 99% of impurities from water, including microplastics, that affect human health.

Bluewater is a global water purification leader in innovative clean tap water technology and eco-friendly hydration solutions. Bluewater, which has put sustainability and ending the need for single-use plastic bottle at the heart of its business mission, believes everyone has the right to access pure water, without pollutants and without microplastics.


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