With a steadfast commitment to raising awareness about ocean conservation, the Mirpuri Foundation hosted another sustainability workshop for young sailors at the Mirpuri Foundation Sailing Academy, at the Clube Naval de Cascais.

This workshop, integrated into the Academy’s Autumn Sailing Course program, aimed to educate participants on the pressing issues facing our oceans and empower them with practical solutions to contribute to the ocean’s protection.

The event was an important reminder of the Academy’s essential mission: alert youths to the problems facing our oceans and, consequently, make them more sensitive towards promoting its sustainability.

Through an interactive approach incorporating activities and games, the workshop focused on the critical topic of plastic pollution and climate change. The young sailors gained a deeper understanding of the detrimental effects of these environmental challenges and explored ways to make a positive impact, exploring sustainable products, alternatives to plastic and day-to-day eco-conscious solutions.

The Mirpuri Foundation believes in nurturing a generation of environmentally conscious sailors, recognizing their potential as future leaders in shaping a sustainable future. By fostering an understanding of the delicate balance of our marine ecosystems and empowering them with actionable solutions, the Foundation seeks to inspire these young individuals to make informed decisions that protect our planet.

The Mirpuri Foundation Sailing Academy alerts youths to the problems facing our oceans and makes them more sensitive towards promoting its sustainability.

Situated at the Yacht Club Clube Naval de Cascais, the Mirpuri Foundation Sailing Academy has already welcomed more than 6000 sailors, some of them already competing professionally, with international sailing carrers. Beyond its primary focus on nurturing sailing skills, the academy profoundly inspires young sailors to support environmental and ocean responsibility.

Embodying its commitment to sustainability and a plastic-free world, the academy hosts a water station that annually prevents the use of 15,000 plastic water bottles, encouraging the adoption of personal and reusable water containers. In addition, the Mirpuri Foundation Sailing Academy actively organizes regular workshops to foster environmental awareness and seek a more conscious generation of sailors.