The Mirpuri Foundation organized a surf class for Hi Fly’s staff, as airline’s principal sustainability partner.

The sun was up and promised to deliver a perfect day for surfing at Sintra’s Praia Grande, famous for its waves and golden sands. Hi Fly’s staff headed off to surf school for a team-building exercise. 

The class was provided by Soulspot surf School with Big Wave Rider, and Mirpuri Foundation Ambassador, António Silva, on hand to give the Hi Fly team a few professional tips. They were talked through a few basic moves on the beach before taking to the water to test out what they had learned.

Alongside the fun, there is also a serious message.

Since the sport of surfing is one which creates deep connections between the athletes and the sea, the team raised awareness of the need for ocean conservation in an action-packed, creative and fun way. The class highlighted the beauty of the oceans and reminded Hi Fly staff how important they are to the future of all life.

Our planet is on the verge of reaching its limit and the Mirpuri Foundation is committed to a mission of inspiring  people to be catalysts for change with the power to reverse the course of less fortunate actions.  Events connected to the ocean are proven to engage people in a very positive way and help them change their behavior towards a more sustainable future.