The Mirpuri Foundation invited a group of children for a surf lesson with the organization’s ambassador and Big Wave Surfer António Silva. Before diving into the water, the youngsters first participated in an ocean sustainability workshop that will no doubt inspire them to take action and help save our marine ecosystems.

The sun was up and the waves promised to deliver a perfect day for surfing. Since the sport of surfing is one which creates deep connections between the athletes and the sea, the Mirpuri Foundation took the opportunity to speak with the children about sustainable living habits that contribute towards a healthier ocean. The group started by reaffirming their passion for the sea and all life in it, and then took part in interactive activities that further raised their awareness for the levels of pollution harming our planet, while simultaneously showing them what they can do to have a more positive impact.

After the workshop, the young surfers had the opportunity to have a one-on-one experience with well-known surfer António Silva, who taught them the basics of the sport in a morning filled with surf and fun.

Our planet is on the verge of reaching its limit and the Mirpuri Foundation is committed to a mission of inspiring younger generations to be catalysts for change with the power to reverse the course of less fortunate actions.