Through the participation in International Conferences, the Mirpuri Foundation continues to share the findings of the groundbreaking research on the legal implications for private vessels involved in the rescue of migrants and refugees at sea.

Jean-Pierre Gauci, BIICL’s Senior Research Fellow and research project leader, was one of the key speakers at “Immigration Law and Policy, Border Control, and Migrant Deaths”, a two-day online conference, organized by the Humboldt University (Berlin), addressing several topics related to migration.

On the second day of the event, Jean-Pierre Gauci participated in one of the panels with his presentation “The Role of Private Vessels when They Rescue Migrants at Sea”. He focused his speech on the due diligence obligations of States and Shipping Companies to investigate deaths that are caused/contributed to directly or by omission in the context of botched or ignored rescues, using the findings and conclusions of the Mirpuri Foundation’s sponsored research project as the basis for the presentation.

Alongside Jean-Pierre Gauci, almost 20 other prominent speakers covered topics such as the implementation of the UN Global Compacts for migration and on refugees during the pandemic, immigration detention, pushbacks, the externalization of border controls, migrant and refugee vulnerability and the treatment of migrants with disabilities.

This research project comes as part of Mirpuri Foundation’s Social Responsibility program and is a result of a collaboration with the prestigious British Institute of International and Comparative Law. More information about this project can be consulted here: