The Mirpuri Foundation was the sustainability partner of SciComPt 2022, an event that took place at São Miguel Island (Azores), from the 11th to the 13th of May, to discuss the current and future state of Science Communication in Portugal.

SciComPt 2022 is the 10th edition of the Annual Congress that gathers science journalists, students and communications professionals for multiple debates, workshops, plenary sessions and round tables in order to promote Science Communication and the interchange of ideas among national professionals in the area.

Under the main topic “Stop, listen and act: reflect on the past to build the future”, some themes discussed this year were science journalism, the state of science in Portugal, using comics to communicate science, cybersecurity for science communicators and journalists, graphic arts for science communication, public engagement, and how to turn data into impactful narratives.

The Foundation was responsible for turning SciComPt 2022 into a more sustainable event by providing 200 reusable bottles for the event’s attendants, therefore avoiding the use of single-use plastic.