The Mirpuri Foundation took part in the webinar “Poaching: The Means to an End”, co-organized by two distinguished bodies, United for Wildlife and Focused Conservation.

The intelligence sharing webinar counted with relevant speakers who provided on-the-ground insights about poaching and its connection to higher level wildlife trafficking networks. The experts stressed the value of collaboration and discussed how to end poaching through intelligence, investigations, prosecutions, community empowerment and research.

The event was hosted by Dr. Tim Witting (Head of Intelligence & Analysis at United for Wildlife and Director of Intelligence at Focused Conservation), and Rob Campbell (Programme Manager at the Royal Foundation), and the group of speakers included Sadé Moneron and Dominique Prinsloo (Officers at TRAFFIC),  Vincent Opyene (CEO and Founder of Natural Resources Conservation Network), Krissie Clark (Executive Director of PAMS Foundation), Kumar Paudel (Co-Founder of Greenhood Nepal), and William Brown (Founder and CEO of Focused Conservation).

The presentations were followed by an open discussion for all  participants.

Illegal wildlife trade is nowadays a global crisis, with whole species being hunted to extinction for their horns, skins and teeth. This crime is valued between $50-150 billion USD per year, being one of the fourth most lucrative crimes of the world. 

United for Wildlife works to tackle illegal wildlife trade by bringing together conservation organizations, governments and global corporations. It is led by The Duke of Cambridge and The Royal Foundation and strives to support new and innovative ways to protect animals – like elephants, rhinos, tigers and pangolins – from poachers. It is composed by two taskforces: Financial Taskforce and Transport Taskforce.

Focused Conservation is a non-profit organization that operates to dismantle the illegal wildlife trade by supporting governments and law enforcement agencies in investigating, arresting and prosecuting wildlife traffickers.