Mirpuri Foundation efforts to spread its message on the dangers of single-use plastics and plastic pollution generally, are continuing with Foundation President Paulo Mirpuri addressing the “Plastic Free World” Conference in Frankfurt Germany. 

The two-day Conference and Expo has been conceived with the aim of assisting senior executives from a wide range of industrial sectors across the world to come to a fuller understanding of how their businesses can reduce their use of fossil-fuel-based products, eliminate single-use plastics, design and create more sustainable bio-sourced products and packaging solutions, introduce more circular business models, and, ultimately, help to contribute to global efforts by promoting sustainability in manufacture, use and disposal more consistently and more effectively.  To this end, the companies represented at the Conference will be encouraged to collaborate with firms in their supply chains to create circular economies, as opposed to linear ones, in which finite resources are ‘kept in play’ for as long as possible in order to extract maximum value from them, and for these ‘longer-life’ products then to be recovered to provide fresh materials to support more truly sustainable, regenerative manufacturing processes.

No fewer than 80 international speakers are addressing the Conference to explain how the latest business models, strategies, materials-innovations, future regulations, manufacturing technologies, bio-sourced solutions and cutting-edge, next-generation technologies can help to ensure that future plastic-waste targets are met. The speakers will also tell attendees of their confidence that these highly sustainable products will become even more widely accepted as consumer demand rapidly evolves. 

Mirpuri Foundation President, Paulo Mirpuri, made a keynote speech to the conference sharing with delegates the many tangible successes of the Mirpuri Foundation, and the Mirpuri family-owned wet-lease airline, Hi Fly, in advancing more sustainable business models.  Paulo Mirpuri  spoke about the success of Hi Fly’s intercontinental, plastic-free, passenger test flights, and shared with delegates some of the challenges that had to be faced, and overcome, in planning for and delivering these unprecedented, plastic-free, passenger flights.

Speaking, ahead of the event, from the Mirpuri Foundation Head Office in Lisbon, Portugal, Paulo Mirpuri said: “I am honoured to have been asked to speak at the Plastic-Free World Conference. It is a significant international event and will provide the Foundation with a platform from which to share what with others what we have learned on our own sustainability journey.  “It is only by sharing data, information and best practice that manufacturing and service companies will be able to help build the more prosperous and environmentally sustainable world that is the object of the Mirpuri Foundation’s central mission.” 

After addressing the Conference, Paulo Mirpuri joined guests for a panel discussion on ‘The role of citizens in tackling plastic waste’.  This session has been designed to help businesses explore how the message of ‘reduce, reuse and recycle’ can be made more relevant and impactful, and panel members will discuss some of the problems arising from the undoubted fact that there can be a disconnect between what consumers say they want and the choices they actually make . The panelists will also discussed some of the communications challenges surrounding environmental trade-offs, where, for example, companies move to axe plastic packaging from their supply chains, and will explore some of the difficult choices that inevitably have to be made as companies, in increasing numbers, resolve to make the significant shift from a linear to a circular business model.