The Mirpuri Foundation recently organized a sustainability and marine conservation workshop to foster environmental consciousness among young sailors. Held in Cascais, Portugal, as part of the Mirpuri Foundation Sailing Academy winter sailing course, the event empowered the next generation of sailors to become catalysts for positive change.

The session delved into understanding the far-reaching consequences of environmental and marine threats such as single-use plastics and reinforced that the plastic problem not only affects our oceans but also poses risks to our health by infiltrating microplastics into our food chain.

Recognizing that awareness alone is insufficient, the young sailors were encouraged to explore tangible ways to mitigate their ecological footprint. From discussing sustainable alternatives to plastic to brainstorming eco-conscious habits for everyday life, participants were equipped with the knowledge and tools to effect meaningful change.

By nurturing a profound understanding of environmental issues and empowering young sailors to take action, the Mirpuri Foundation believes that collectively, we can safeguard the future of our marine ecosystems. As the Foundation continues to spearhead initiatives to preserve our oceans, these events are powerful reminders of our responsibility to ensure our planet’s most precious resources. The journey towards a more sustainable future is well underway through education, advocacy, and action, especially with our young sailing stars.

About the Mirpuri Foundation Sailing Academy

Situated at the Yacht Club Clube Naval de Cascais, the Mirpuri Foundation Sailing Academy has already welcomed more than 6,000 sailors, some of whom are already competing professionally with international sailing careers. Beyond its primary focus on nurturing sailing skills, the academy inspires young sailors to support environmental and ocean responsibility.

Embodying its commitment to sustainability and a plastic-free world, the academy hosts a water station that annually prevents using 15,000 plastic water bottles, encouraging the adoption of personal and reusable water containers. In addition, the Mirpuri Foundation Sailing Academy actively organizes regular workshops to foster environmental awareness and seek a more conscious generation of sailors.


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