Edward Ayres D’Abreu and Duarte Pereira Martins were proud to receive in the name of the MPMP, movimento patrimonial pela música portuguesa the ‘Sequeira Costa’ Award for Music.


Winners of the Mirpuri Foundation’s Sequeira Costa award for music – Edward Ayres D’ Abreu and Duarte Pereira Martins

Edward Ayres D’ Abreu and Duarte Pereira Martins, founded MPMP (the Heritage Movement for Portuguese Music) in 2009.

At the time, they were both students at the Conservatory of Music, where their studies led to them to the discovery of little-known scores by Portuguese composers.

Soon realising the high quality and artistic and cultural value of the music, they decided to foster and promote the work of these seemingly-forgotten composers.

The pair now edit a magazine, produce CDs and promote the work in concerts. In 2012, they created the MPMP Ensemble, directed by Maestro Jan Wierzba. The Ensemble is made up of young musicians who attempt to breathe new life back into these important works from our past.

Duarte Pereira Martins

“Winning the Mirpuri award for us means achieving recognition for work we have been developing since we were students at the Conservatory.

It is very important in that it allows us to now become more professional.

Much of what we have achieved has been based on volunteers, friends, and people who have offered help for the love of the music. 

While that has been wonderful, the award will allow us to move on the next stage, to finally expand our project and achieve greater goals.

Also, to compete for an award of this kind is always incredibly fulfilling.

To a certain extent, it will dictate and guide other organisations in their attitude to the sponsorship of the arts in the near future.

It challenges us personally to think about and find new objectives and new forms for the association, and all organisations in general, to grow.

We are both extremely grateful for this award and pledge that we will use the freedom it gives us to expand on the cultural work we have done already.”

Edward Ayres D’ Abreu:

“An award of this importance and scale is extremely important as an instrument of communication.

It lets society know that there are interesting projects underway. Innovative projects which surprise us, that we are enthusiastic about, and are worthwhile developing so we can guarantee an enriched and interesting cultural future.

We are very grateful to receive it.”