The Mirpuri Foundation marked its presence at the 7th Edition of Monaco Ocean Week, a unifying event organised by the Prince Albert II Foundation, the Oceanographic Institute of Monaco, the Monaco Scientific Centre, and the Monaco Yacht Club, which took place between the 18th and 22nd March 2024 in Monaco.

The week commenced with the 15th Monaco Blue Initiative, gathering international experts and government representatives to discuss crucial topics such as ocean governance, sustainable blue economy practices, and the Mediterranean’s role in the 30×30 roadmap for ocean protection.

Over six days, approximately forty events were held, including conferences, workshops, symposia, discussions, exhibitions, documentary screenings, and awareness-raising workshops, all aimed at preserving the oceans. The events fostered knowledge exchange, showcasing innovative projects and environmental reports on ocean conservation.

One of the highlights of the Mirpuri Foundation participation in Monaco Ocean Week was its presence in the side event of the International Coral Reef Initiative (ICRI).

The conversations were focused on implementing the Coral Reef Breakthrough as a global convening mechanism for coral reefs’ effective conservation, protection, and restoration, underscoring its commitment to marine conservation and collaboration with ICRI in coral reef conservation efforts.

The Foundation’s participation in this year’s event reaffirms its dedication to promoting ocean preservation and sustainability on a global scale. Through collaborative efforts and engagement in events like Monaco Ocean Week, the Mirpuri Foundation continues to play an active role in safeguarding our planet’s oceans for future generations.