The Mirpuri Foundation made a presentation at the 2018 Waterlogic International Conference in Cascais, Portugal. Within the scope of ocean sustainability and conservation, Dr. Ivone Mirpuri, medical advisor for the Mirpuri Foundation, addressed an audience of guests from over 30 countries about the gravity of plastic pollution in our oceans, highlighting its harmful effects on the environment and human health.

Dr. Mirpuri also appealed to individuals and organizations to become active agents for change, outlining guidelines that people can follow.

The event presented the opportunity for the Mirpuri Foundation to spread the word about its extremely relevant work for the future of our planet, namely in regard to work carried out in the area of marine conservation.

The current state of our oceans and its high levels of degradation make organizing lectures like this one, which foster the discussion on topics vital to human health such as sustainable development and the importance of water filtering systems, pertinent and urgent.