Mirpuri Foundation, in the person of its President Paulo Mirpuri, signed a sponsorship agreement with the Sailing Academy of Cascais, represented by its President Gonçalo Esteves.

“The Mirpuri Foundation believes sailing is a sport that brings young people and the sea closer together, thus making them more sensible towards the problems the oceans are facing and mobilising them to participate in their resolution. As a result, the Foundation has developed several initiatives in support of this sport and is very pleased to be now supporting the Sailing School of the Naval Club of Cascais, to whom it recognises much of the merit for what has been done in Portugal regarding sailing sports”, says Paulo Mirpuri.


Marine Conservation projects have been granted special attention and are particularly cherished by the Mirpuri Foundation current Administration. The Foundation has been working with Governments, Communities, Associations and Companies with the aim of raising awareness towards the great issues threatening our oceans, such as pollution, acidification, rising temperatures, coral bleaching, unsustainable fishing and extinction risk for many marine species. Mirpuri Foundation launched in 2017 several support programs related to the rectification of these problems, seeking to promote the sustainability of the oceans.

Mirpuri Foundation has been incorporated by the Mirpuri Family as a non-profit organization, with the aim of contributing for a better world. It works to support causes within the fields of Aerospace, Medical Research, Marine Conservation, Wildlife Conservation, Arts and Social Responsibility.