Mirpuri Foundation’s founder and President Paulo Mirpuri has blown fresh wind into the sails of the foundation’s ongoing sustainability campaign with an address to the prestigious International Council Of Yacht Clubs’ annual regional meeting in Cascais.

Presenting each guest with a Foundation-sponsored refillable water bottle and a reusable bag, Dr Mirpuri discussed his ideas on a more sustainable way of living, seeking to demonstrate how simple changes individuals can all easily make to our lifestyles can have a lasting impact on the well-being of our planet.

“It’s always a pleasure meet with our friends and discuss matters of mutual interest,” said Dr Mirpuri. “The ICOYC is an important platform for us to spread our message. We value our membership of the club and are grateful for the opportunity to talk about things we all care deeply about.”

Dr Mirpuri is a well-respected member of the elite yachting world following the long-standing Foundation efforts to promote ocean sustainability and its high-profile role as a founding partner of the Volvo Ocean Race team “Turn the Tide on Plastic’.

Club members, made up of the world’s 50 most prestigious yacht clubs, hold a global reunion every 18 months to discuss issues close to members’ hearts, such as ways to improve the club service quality and, environmental awareness and responsibility.

The European regional meeting, held annually and hosted on this occasion by the Cascais Naval Club last week welcomed presidents and commodores of Clubs from both Europe and America.

Dr. Mirpuri presented a well-received discussion on the issue of sustainability and ocean pollution alongside Bernardo Correia de Barros of the Sailors for the Sea organisation.

In addition to his talk on sustainability Dr Mirpuri laid out his plans for the Mirpuri Foundation Sailing Academy, integrating part of the Cascais Naval Club. Speaking at the event, Dr Mipuri said: “Our hope is not only to raise not only  young athletes and great sailors, but also responsible citizens who will cherish the ocean and the planet they live in.”

“The Mirpuri Foundation believes sailing is a sport that brings young people and the sea closer together, thus making them more sensitive to the problems the oceans are facing and mobilising them to passionate participation in efforts to sustain the marine environment.

“As a result, the Foundation has developed several initiatives in support of this sport and is very pleased to be now supporting the Sailing School of the Naval Club of Cascais, to who it recognises must be credited for much of what has been achieved in Portugal in the field of sailing sports.”