The Mirpuri Foundation is pleased to announce new partnership with Scholas Occurrentes, as both non-profit organizations share common principles to create a better world for future generations.

Scholas is an international organization founded by Pope Francis, with offices all over the world including Portugal and present with its network in 190 countries, integrating more than 400 thousand educational centers and reaching more than one million children and young people around the world.

Signing a protocol between the two organizations only puts in writing what they both want to accomplish, stating their interest in uniting efforts for a common mission.

Speaking before this announcement, Paulo Mirpuri, President of the Mirpuri Foundation, said: “Since we first met Scholas, we knew that our goals were aligned. At the Mirpuri Foundation we believe that, together, we are stronger and can make a bigger difference on the planet. So, partnering with a like-minded organization as Scholas makes perfect sense and we look forward to collaborating on a new project very soon”.

On behalf of Scholas Occurrentes, José María del Corral commented that “Scholas Occurrentes is very excited to collaborate with Mirpuri Foundation and looking forward to announcements to be made by both organizations”. 

The Mirpuri Foundation and Scholas have already partnered before in 2019, for the annual Concert for Peace, taking place in Portugal for the very first time and counting with the presence and voice of Portuguese Fado Singer and Mirpuri Foundation’s Ambassador Cuca Roseta.



Scholas is an international non profit organization of Pontifical Law, born from a dream: about 20 years ago, Pope Francis, who was Archbishop of Buenos Aires at that time, conceived Scholas as the concrete possibility to give a response to the call of the era we are going through, by promoting the culture of the encounter. The organization was thus established with clear tasks: educating in promoting the openness to the other, listening to each other, while recollecting the pieces of an increasingly atomized and meaningless world, and initiating the Culture of the Encounter.

Scholas has thus represented the first global initiative aimed at encouraging integration and fostering peace among people from all over the world, through education. The original dream has been spreading in several other countries and different contexts: today Scholas is present with offices in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Haiti, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Mozambique, Panama, Paraguay, Portugal, Romania, Spain, United States and the Vatican City.

Furthermore, it has established a wider network in 190 countries, integrating more than 400 thousand educational institutions, and reaching about one million children and youngsters all over the world.

Building up the Culture of the Econcunter through education means inclusiveness: Scholas involves youngsters and children from both public and private schools, with different social, cultural, and religious backgrounds. It means also generating a paradigmatic change in how education is conceived and structured; Scholas looks for the engagement of different stakeholders, from educational to social and political institutions, as well as of the entire community: the commitment of each actor is indeed deemed indispensable as a contribution to the shift in the educational paradigm.



The Mirpuri Foundation is a non-profit organization based in Portugal, and founded by entrepreneur Paulo Mirpuri with the aim of contributing to a better world for future generations. With its belief that leading by example is the best way to change mindsets, the Mirpuri Foundation fosters cooperation between legislators, corporations, communities and individuals. The Mirpuri Foundation acts in six distinct areas: Marine Conservation, Wildlife Conservation, the Performing Arts, Social Responsibility, Medical Research, and Aviation. The foundation’s commitment to sustainability is transversal and is reflected in all its activities. The Mirpuri Foundation is synonymous with technology, research, information and innovation. Allied to these characteristics are the values of integrity, perseverance and altruism in order to better impact the planet.